Don´t stop, this comic is awesome!

I know, I’m sorry. But this might do better as a novel (not the graphic sort).

Well… at last the first part is a masterpiece in my opinion.
Good luck in your new journey! 😀

is the creator still working on this comic?
It is pretty good . .

Rewrote issues one (a bit more dialogue at the gates of Heaven) and two, and finished first draft scripts of 3 and 4. Working art for Part one since my drawing skills have matured in the last decade. It will be available digitally and for sale at Comixology in 2017. But I want to release #1 after I’ve finished issue 2 or 3.

Currently, no plans for print. But hopefully Comixology will open doors to that. Thank you for your support and I’ll make sure to email anyone who has every given positive comments for this comic when The Devil and The Monk are available on Comixology.

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