Watchmen: Presidential Trouble

Single Shots: Presidential Trouble

I just sold this piece at Meltdown Comics. As I’ve heard, a guy who works on Family Guy bought it.

It was placed at this weird corner which was sort of hard to see. My friend who curated the gallery said that he put it there so that the laughter would echo in the room. I think that’s one of the reasons. But I think, partially, its because of the subject matter.

I’m not complaining. I’d put it there too and I was a little worried on how it would be received. The thing got sold. And it was fun standing there to see people’s reactions: laughter or confusion.

I have two other pieces at the gallery show.

Yes, rape isn’t funny. At least it isn’t funny when it happens to real people. But the beauty of Satire and Wit is that it can make the ugliest, most horrible monsterous things in the world into something we can point and laugh at.

(added March 12)
Also, because I didn’t expect for this piece to get so viral, I’d like to give credit where credit is due. Some panels (especially panel 4) I “inked” from the original Gibbons work. Some, I copied by eye. Some, a combination (in panel 3 its the same pose for the Comedian, but different costume).

The joke wouldn’t be as clear if I didn’t “ink” Mr. Gibbon’s fine work.

And since I made money on this and I am not a thief, I will share the meager 150 bucks I made on this piece with Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons ONLY in the form of a meal on me, or perhaps some drinks, or maybe pie.

yes… a fruit pie.

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